Tell Michigan DEQ – Don’t Poison Our Air and Water


Jordan Development, an oil company, has applied with the Michigan DEQ for a permit to drill for oil and gas at a church, Word of Faith, in a high density residential area of Southfield, Oakland County, Michigan.

Images below are from the permit application


The method that will be used to extract oil and gas from this well is “Acidizing”.


The methane and chemicals not captured in tanks will be “flared” into the air subjecting nearby residents to the toxins.


Acidizing is a process in which a combination of hydrochloric acid and other acids are mixed with brine and other chemicals and injected underground to either clean out a well or to dissolve oil bearing rock to enhance production of oil and gas. Once the acid, chemical, and water mixture has been pumped into the well or formation, oil flows
to the well more freely.

According to this report, the acidizing process releases more toxins into the air than the similar process commonly referred to as ‘fracking’…
“When it comes to the these air toxic chemicals, the report found that the majority were reportedly used during the acidizing process — a process in which hydrochloric acid and other acids are mixed with brine and other chemicals to clean out a well or dissolve rock so that oil can be extracted.”


The Michigan DEQ is accepting public comments to consider when reviewing the application.  Email comments asking the Michigan DEQ to DENY the Southfield drilling permit.

The deadline for public comments is Monday, January 18, 2016.

Send emailed comments here:

Subject Line:  MUST reference application number #A150095

Some comments to consider for inclusion in your email request :

  • I do NOT support the DEQ issuing the Word of Faith drilling permit in Southfield. An oil well in mine or any other residential area in Oakland County would be detrimental to our property values.
  • The drilling proposed would entail drilling enhanced with chemicals – “acidizing”. Although not technically “hydraulic fracturing” according to industry definitions, we do NOT want chemicals on, near or under our residential areas.
  • Given the severely diminished reputation of Michigan DEQ to protect our air and water quality, I feel it is highly inappropriate to even consider issuing a drilling permit in a high density residential area.
  • Although Jordan claims well location would be in a “deeply wooded area” – it would be visible from my home/subdivision. I also have concerns of noise, water and air quality.
  • Comments to DEQ should be weighted towards citizens with primary residence near the proposed well site area, and other Oakland County residents, versus non-residents of this vicinity.
  • According to DEQ permitting records, appears Jordan does NOT have a long track record in Michigan of drilling specifically in high density residentially zoned areas utilizing chemical enhancement

Simply telling the DEQ you don’t want a natural gas or oil well will not make a difference in their permitting decision.  But you may make a difference by sharing information about the local on-the-ground conditions that you know about.  You may also make a difference by asking questions about a permit, about how it may be designed to specifically protect you and your community, or a special natural feature or resource, from pollution and potential harm.

Here is a link to the application document for the Southfield well: Word-of-Faith-16-27-Application-2b

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