BloombergView: How to Save Water on Fracking – By making approval for fracking contingent on responsible water practices, states can drive even greater innovation — perhaps to the point where frackers come to operate without using any water at all.

Exxon CEO, Rex Tillerson, has joined a lawsuit that aims to block construction to support fracking projects near his home in the Dallas suburb of Bartonville, Texas.
Exxon CEO Lawsuit 2014-02-20

Link to US Congress research report regarding an automatic mortgage default for homeowners who sign Oil Leases if permission not granted prior to signing a lease.

New York Times article on Rush to Drill for Natural Gas Creates Conflicts With Mortgages

Documents: Questions have emerged from bankers, credit union officials, insurers, real estate experts and appraisers about the potential impacts that oil and gas leases on residential and farm mortgages. The following is a collection of documents that relate to these issues.