While You Were Sleeping Update

People in Shelby Township are waking up to the realities of oil/gas exploration in their backyard. The post ‘While You Were Sleeping’ has received more attention than any of our recent posts. Because this site is near the borders of Rochester, Rochester Hills and Shelby Township, many people in these municipalities are surprised to learn what is going on and asking for more information. Here’s a picture update on what we know.

Shelby Twp site 1.

The well head location and bottom hole location are approximately 1800 feet from one to the other.  (Click on images to enlarge)

Shelby site 1


2. The site has been cleared with dozers. They will build a concrete pad with spill barrier here. Later they will install the drill rig. Expect 30-45 days of 24 hour operations, noise, lights, smells, particulates in the air, and many, many  trucks (filled with water, acid, and chemicals) and workers. After the well is in operation, expect it to operate 5 years or longer. Photo is from Northeast looking Southwest.


3. This is the site as seen from the South looking North.


4. This is a nearby condominium complex. Zillow values homes in this area at $360-$370k.


Shelby site 2. The condominium is approximately 450 feet from the permitted well site. More homes are being built in the area.

Shelby site 2

5. This equipment was on site, but departed after ‘While You Were Sleeping’ was published.




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