Participating Membership – Help us, help you

Don’t Drill The Hills, Inc. filed a  lawsuit  against the City of Rochester Hills on behalf of members who are asserting that the City overstepped their authority and denied residents their voting rights by leasing park and cemetery land without a vote as outlined in the City Charter and Michigan law.

As a Participating Member of Don’t Drill The Hills, Inc. (DDHI), you have the opportunity to not only to stay informed, but to authorize DDHI to make legal claims on your behalf.   Your participation helps support the lawsuit’s allegations and shows how the City’s actions impact real citizens.

A Participating Member is not a party to the lawsuit. However, similar to a ballot petition, you may be contacted to attest to the validity of your signature and that your statements are true. And, you authorize DDHI to add your name to the list of DDHI Members making the assertions in the lawsuit.

NOTE: because Members are being represented by the registered non-profit corporation Don’t Drill The Hills, Inc., individuals are shielded from personal liability related to the lawsuit or other actions of the corporation.

Complete the two forms below to authorize Don’t Drill the Hills, list you among its Members who are participating in the lawsuit by alleging your voting rights were withheld, or other alleged wrongs being pursued in the lawsuit.  Questions? Please contact us.

Basic Membership – Keeps You Informed

As a Basic Member of Don’t Drill the Hills, Inc., you’ll be kept apprised of oil & gas exploration issues that may affect you, and you’ll be added to the Members Only email list. Occasionally the Board may, in furtherance of the DDHI mission and goals, ask you to participate in DDHI activities, communications, and/or solicit you for financial support. Of course, participation is voluntary.

Apply Online

1) Become a Basic Member of Don’t Drill the Hills, Inc.:  Membership Application Form  [Then complete Form 2 if you wish to become a Participating Member.]

2) After completing the above membership application, become a Participating Member by completing this form: Participating Membership Application

Mail in your Membership Form

Optionally, you can download and mail the completed forms:

Membership Application: DDHI Membership Application.PDF

Suit Participant: DDHI Participating Membership.PDF

Forms can be mailed to:

Don’t Drill The Hills, Inc
P.O. Box 82524
Rochester, MI 48308-2524