Rochester Hills Documents for reference

Email reply from Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner regarding Compulsory Pooling and Local Control
Reply to your February 5, 2014, letter – Compulsory pooling & Local control

Letter from Jordan Developments responding to Mayor Bryan Barnett’s request for a Oil and Gas Lease proposal
Brower Letter and Lease 092112-sm

Links to City of Rochester Hills City Council Meetings of 10/22/2012 and 12/3/2012 and supporting council documentation regarding passage of legislation to allow oil drilling at / under city parkland.

Rochester Hills City Charter Amendment – Parks and Open Spaces (November 2011)
The amendment added a section providing that City-owned parks and open spaces shall be used only for park and open space purposes and shall not be sold, leased, transferred, exchanged or converted to another use unless approved by voters.

West Bay Documents

West Bay Exploration Press Release – August 25, 2014

MDEQ-OOGM Documents

West Bay Shelby Twp Nino Well Field Report – September 10, 2015