Home Buyer Concerns About Oil Drilling and Cell Towers in Rochester Hills


The following message was received on the Don’t Drill The Hills website on April 9, 2014 at 9:57 PM.

Hello- I don’t live in Rochester Hills, but I’ve been looking to buy a home there, and I am now having serious second thoughts due to the possibility of oil drilling in the city. It amazes me how the city government is blind to the potential long term risks associated with drilling so close to residential areas. Another trend that troubles me is placing cell antennae on schools, although Rochester isn’t the only district electing to do this. Putting them near high schools is one thing, but do they really need to put cell antennae on/near elementary schools? Btw, have you heard any more about putting the cell antenna/tower on the elementary schools, Brewster and the other one?

Great website, you should be commended for taking the initiative to get information out there for the public to take notice. Thanks for any response.


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