Oil wells and strip malls

The commercialization and industrialization of Rochester Hills’ residential areas.

Could oil drilling operations and a retail/commercial buildings be coming to the corner of Adams and Tienken Road?


Residents were surprised to see a commercial For Sale sign placed at Adams and Tienken Roads just days after we revealed the oil & gas contracts for the properties at the corner.



The real estate company, Mid-America Real Estate Group, is “focused exclusively on retail real estate”. Yet, the three listed properties each have a house and are Zoned R-1 (One Family Residential).


The real estate company lists the daily traffic counts for the roads bordering these properties as a selling point.  They also highlight the retail shopping areas near Rochester High School and Oakland University as an example of the development potential for the corner. Could this imply that they are looking to build a retail/commercial area across from Rochester Adams High School?

Download the listing flyer: sec-adams-road-amp-tienken-road-(vacant-land)


One of our posts last week detailed the discovery of surface on oil & gas drilling contract for a residential property at on Adams Road. Here is an excerpt from the the oil & gas contract for 950 Adams Road, south of Tienken Road.


“…the land described below (herein called “said land”), exclusively, for the purposes of exploring by geophysical and other methods, drilling, operating for and producing oil and/or gas, together with all rights, privileges and easements necessary in exploring for, drilling for, producing, treating, caring for, storing, transporting and removing production of oil and/or gas from said land, or from said land pooled or communitized therewith, including but not limited to the right to lay pipelines, build access roads, establish and utilize facilities for the disposition of oil and other fluids, construct tanks for the storage of fluids prior to shipment, build required electric power and communication lines, pumps, and other equipment and facilities.”

The above clearly represents industrial operations that are permitted by the contract.  The potential oil & gas drilling operations and retail buildings would be devastating to home values in the area.  The current City administration has a history of attempting to bring industrial operations to our residential areas.  In 2010, the City wanted to construct water towers in the City parks.  In 2013, the Mayor of Rochester Hills, Bryan Barnett signed an oil and gas drilling lease for City parks and a cemetery.  In 2014, Don’t Drill The Hills filed a lawsuit against the City for violating the City Charter and denying the residents’ right to vote (See Lawsuit).

What can Rochester Hills residents do?

  • Vote for candidates that will protect our parks and residential areas.
  • Share this information with your neighbors.

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