Are Rochester Hills City Officials once again betraying the public trust?


Citizens group flyer from 2010

In 2010, Rochester Hills residents were worried about property values. They were concerned about the safety and quality of life of our schools, our neighborhoods. They were concerned because the city leaders were pushing industrial activities into residential and school areas.  In 2010, The Mayor and some Council members wanted to place water towers in the city parks. The residents organized, protested, and eventually stopped the water towers in our parks project. This led to residents passing an amendment to the city charter in 2011 to ensure RESIDENTS’ VOICE in these decisions.

Now again, in 2015, residents are concerned about the future property values, safety and quality of life because of the decisions made in city hall regarding oil and gas drilling in residential and school areas.  Don’t Drill The Hills is fighting in court for the right of residents to vote on these decisions.

Are you concerned about the history or our local leaders trying to introduce industrial activities into our residential/school areas?

Worried about property values if these types of projects continue to be pushed, and passed?

Are you worried about the safety and quality of life of our schools, our neighborhoods?

Vote this November for a Mayor and City Council members that value the voice of the residents.

Rochester Hills citizens group flyer from 2010: Rochester Hills City Officials Betray Public Trust-2010

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