Oil Well Returning to Shelby Townhip

OIL WELL IS COMING to a subdivision in Shelby Township. Rochester Hills, Rochester, and Auburn Hills also targeted.

Some Shelby Twp residents have been informed by letter that West Bay Exploration will return next week to complete the well they started last year in the Briarwood Preserve Subdivision at Dequindre and 25 Mile Rds. (More info on Shelby oil well)
According to the Shelby citizen group CARD’s statement, although Shelby Township has put moratorium and ordinances in place, the oil company has chosen to ignore them and continue the oil exploration process, and without a requested prior public hearing.
The company indicated it plans to explore for oil down the Tienken Road corridor. Given their areas of expressed interest and leasing activity, Rochester, Rochester Hills, and Auburn Hills will have oil and gas exploration activity like Shelby Twp… unless we put a stop to this. We do not want oil and gas exploration in high density residential or school areas.

Visit our Shelby Township page for more details.

We will continue to gather, validate, and share the facts with you.
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