Rochester Hills Voting Rights On Hold


Rochester Hills Voting Rights On Hold

October 8, 2014
Rochester Hills, MI

Don’t Drill the Hills, Inc  (DDHI) awaits the decision by Oakland County Circuit Court Judge James Alexander on Rochester Hills residents’ right to vote on the City’s oil lease for our park lands and cemetery property.   He announced that his decision will be deferred, pending further review.   We feel it was a productive day in court as our attorney laid out compelling arguments as to why Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett and City Council overstepped their authority in denying the residents a vote prior to signing this lease, and why resident’s voice and vote should be restored.

This lawsuit was brought forth by DDHI (a bi-partisan grass-roots community organization of concerned residents) because we strongly believe Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett and City Council violated a 2011 Charter Amendment which states that City-owned parks cannot be sold, leased, or converted to a non-recreation or non-conservation use without prior approval of the City’s voters in an open election.

The Mayor and City Council has been dismissive of 10 months of packed public comment, resident arranged meetings with local and state officials, and resident pleas for their right to vote on an oil lease for two public parks and a cemetery in the midst of subdivisions and schools. Instead, Rochester Hills City officials pressed on with their unilateral decision to sign this lease and deny their residents a vote.

We feel that both the letter and intent of the law are clear in this case and we are confident Judge James Alexander’s ruling will be in our favor.

Download the press release here: DDHI_Press_Release_10.8.14

Detailed information on the lawsuit: LAWSUIT

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