Oakland Church Leases Property for Oil Drilling



Don’t Drill The Hills has been watching for records filed with the county involving oil and gas leases.  We previously reported a private home owner in Oakland Township leasing their property to an oil and gas development company for the purposes of placing oil and gas wells.  The announcement came as a shock to the community partly because of the property’s proximity to an elementary school and high-density residential areas.  We have now identified another lease in Oakland Township that allows the same industrial activities in a residential area.

Oakland Church (formerly Oakland Christian Church) at 5100 North Adams Road has also signed a lease with the same oil and gas development company, West Bay Exploration.  This church’s property lies in the heart of what is referred to as the ‘Billion Dollar Mile’ because of the concentration of luxury homes.  Surrounding the church are several high-density residential neighborhoods.

The lease of the church’s 45 acres was signed on June 19, 2013, allows many industrial activities such as:

*Drilling for oil and gas
*Building access roads
*Lay pipelines
*Construct tanks
*Storage of fluids
*Build electric power and pumps


With a wellhead at this location West Bay can horizontally drill, using an “acid matrix stimulation” method up to two miles away.  These are the neighborhoods immediately surrounding the church property:

  • Kirklands
  • Carrolton Hills
  • Claremont
  • Kingsridge
  • Kingspoint
  • Silver Creek
  • Country Creek
  • Villages Of Country Creek

Download the entire lease document: 0098793_2015-05-14OIL_LEASE

If you are concerned about industrial activities being permitted in residential areas, you need to ACT NOW!  DDH started warning residents over one year ago about the possibility of drilling activities in the area discussed today.  We need you to voice your concern NOW at the June 23, 2015 Oakland Township Board meeting.  Contact your local officials, the DEQ, and your state legislature telling them you don’t support drilling near our schools and neighborhoods.  The drilling has not yet started.  The time to voice your concern is now… before the wells go in!

Interactive Map

Click on colored areas for more information.
BLUE=High-density residential, YELLOW=Leased for oil & gas surface operations.

This information was obtained by our team of volunteers through publicly available sources.  Certain documents were legally purchased and maintaining this web site costs money.  Please donate to help us continue.

You can follow issues specific to Oakland Township on the web site Oakland Township Watchers.


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