C&G News Reports – Drilling ordinances ban fracking


Click here for article: Drilling ordinances ban fracking

May 26, 2015 – C & G News staff writer, Linda Shepard, attempts to explain the complicated details of the recent passing of oil and gas well ordinance in Rochester Hills.  For most residents, questions still remain…

If “fracking” is banned, what other forms of drilling are allowed?

What EXACTLY do the ordinances protecting us from?

What DON’T they protect us from?”

These questions and concerns are partially fueled by statements from Rochester Hills City Council President Greg Hooper such as those in the article: “It will never be enforced.” and “That pokes a major hole in our ordinance.”

Don’t Drill The Hills will answer these questions at our Informational Meeting:

Tuesday, June 9, 2015 at 7 PM
Van Hoosen Middle School Cafeteria
1339 N. Adams Road
Rochester Hills, MI 48306

Residents of Rochester, Rochester Hills, Auburn Hills, Orion Township, and Shelby Township are invited.  We will provide information on what is proposed for these areas.   You will also learn what you can do to protect your family, your home value, and your quality of life.


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