Oakland Press asks: What do you think of oil and natural gas drilling in residential areas?


The Oakland Press asks on a Facebook post “What do you think of oil and natural gas drilling in residential areas?”

Posted by The Oakland Press on Monday, May 11, 2015


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Here are some of the responses posted…

“Oil and gas drilling in highly populated, residential areas is dangerous and wrong. Aside from the drop in residential property values the potential environmental hazards should be enough cause for conern. It’s disheartening to witness (and should be illegal, really) the amount of infulence the oil & gas industry have had on the MDEQ and our state lawmakers. These MI entities should be putting MI residents first, which clearly they aren’t.” – Barbara A. Anness


“Another bonehead move by the Michigan State government that we will no doubt pay for for years to come. This activity does not belong in any way shape or form in the middle of residential areas! Especially when we have so many industrial areas in SE Michigan…” – Jennifer Webster Panos 


Unbelievable that this is allowed to happen in the middle of a residential subdivision and only 457ft from homes!! Governor Rick Snyder why will you not stand-up against Residential Drilling?…” – Jamie Eveland Calaguas


“Industrial activities belong in industrial zones, not neighborhoods. Rochester Hills Mayor and City Council willingly leased 2 parks and a cemetery for drilling in exchange for our health, welfare and lower property values.” – Nancy Lewis

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