DEQ seeking public input on oil and gas drilling in Michigan

The DEQ is considering new rules on hydraulic fracturing. The rules cover water withdrawals, baseline water quality sampling, monitoring and reporting, and chemical additive disclosure. They will also update well spacing requirements and clarify terms describing well locations and drilling tracts.

As reported by Michigan Radio, Lisa Wozniak the executive director of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters said “You know, after months and months of conversations, some of the suggestions found their way in, but I will tell you that the new rules fall terribly short from what we hoped would be in them,” she says. “Fracking uses millions of gallons of Michigan’s fresh water that can never be returned to our lakes, rivers, and streams. And the current protections and the new rules do not adequately measure the cumulative impact of what one well will have on Michigan’s natural resources much less the many, many wells that are proposed.”

Public hearings on the proposed rules are scheduled for July 15 in Gaylord and July 16 in Lansing.  Interested persons can submit written or verbal comments on the proposed rules at the public hearings, or they can submit written comments directly to the DEQ at any time until July 31.

Don’t Drill The Hills, Inc. believes that oil and gas drilling, and the associated industrial processes, do not belong in, or near, high-density residential areas.  We encourage you to submit your opinion to the DEQ, your local elected officials, post comments below, and on Facebook.

Submit comments in writing to the address below. Written comments must be received by July 31, 2014.

Office of Oil, Gas, and Minerals
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
P.O. Box 30256
Lansing, Michigan 48909-7756

Attend one of the two DEQ public hearings on the proposed changes to hydraulic fracturing regulations:
Tuesday, July 15th, at Treetops Resort, 3962 Wilkinson Road, Gaylord, 6:30 PM
Wednesday, July 16th, at Lansing Center, 333 East Michigan Avenue, Lansing, 6:30 PM

Click Here: Notice of Public Hearing for Part 615 Rule Revisions for details on the hearings and submittal of comments.

View or download a copy of the current draft of the proposed Hydraulic Fracturing Rules. 

Michigan Radio report (TUE JULY 15, 2014): DEQ holding public hearings on fracking rules tonight and Wednesday

Don’t Drill The Hills, Inc. is working at the local city and state levels to ensure your voice is heard.  Even to the point of filing a lawsuit against the City of Rochester Hills.  Support DDH by donating today.

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