Under pressure, Rochester Hills Mayor invites all to Oil and Gas meeting


Under pressure from a Don’t Drill the Hills email to the City, Mayor announces that any resident can attend the Oil/Gas Meeting on May 5th

UPDATE from yesterday’s post: A “Don’t Drill The Hills” member’s effort pay off – in REAL TIME during City Council meeting!

The April 23, 2014 letter from Mayor states this informational “community” meeting has a LIMITED invite list, and that only “experts” would be a Jordan rep and an MDEQ Office of Oil/Gas Management.

Yesterday, in response to DDH member communications with City (see below), Mayor Barnett said that anyone in the public could come, and an additional expert would be added from Michigan Environmental Council.  He also said that the meeting information would now be posted to City website.

Additionally, thanks to Councilwoman Morita for pushing further to ask City to email ALL the Homeowner’s Associations citywide!


Email  to Ed Anzek, Director of Planning, City of Rochester Hills

From: Jeannie Morris, Don’t Drill The Hills
To: Ed Anzek, Director of Planning, City of Rochester Hills
Date: Mon, Apr 28, 2014 at 3:46 PM
Subject:                Rochester Hills Gas/Oil Informational Meeting

Dear Ed-

I left a message for you with Tammra today.

I received a letter this weekend about an Oil/Gas Information Meeting scheduled for May 5th at Rochester College.  In speaking with a couple neighbors in Thornridge over the weekend, they did not receive a letter about this meeting.  Today I called City Hall to see where the letters were mailed.  Tammra knew of a distribution of 1300 letters total to 5 subs (Hunters Creek, Brookedale Woods, Falcon Estates, Brookedale West, and Shadow Woods).

The leasing area proposed by Jordan Oil has a total of 65 subdivisions that can be directly effected (along Tienken Road).  Clearly this mailing missed several homeowners within that leasing area.  Perhaps you could explain the city’s logic as to only informing 6% of the impacted residents?

Will await your response by phone or email,

Jeannie Morris

Below is a list of the subdivisions along Tienken for your convenience:

North of Tienken. (from West to East)
– Thornridge
– Hawthorn Hills
– Oak Pointe Estates
– Adams West
– Bridgewood Farms
– Judson Park
– Meadowview
– Hawthorn
– Ashford Farms
– North Fairview Farms
– Brabach Orchards
– Chichester/Georgetown
– Chichester East
– Vintage Estates
– Fairview Farms
– North Oaks
– Paint Creek Hills
– Kollin Woods
– Knorrwood Hills
– Individual homeowners along Livernois Road
– Hillside Creek
– Kings Cove
– The Summit
– Avon Hills
– Hillview
– Skyview
– Perrydale
– Owners of Retirement Condos
– Owners of Bedford Square Apartments.
– Quail Crest
– Owners of Buildings where doctors, vet, shops, bowling alley, restaurants west of Roch. Rd.
– Cross Creek
– Waverly Woods
– Hillwood
– Stoney Creek Sub
– Clear Creek
– Stoney Hollow
– Millstream Village
– Winkler Mall Estates

South of Tienken (from West to East)
– Falcon Estates
– Estates of Pine Creek
– Hunters Creek
– Brookedale West
– Bellarmine Hills
– Brookedale Woods
– Shadow Woods
– Foxboro
– Avon Meadows
– Manchester Knolls
– Hitchman’s Haven
– Brookwood Homes and Condos
– Grosse Pines
– Lochmoor Estates
– Tienken Manor Estates
– Long Meadows
– Great Oaks West
– Valley Stream
– Sargents Crossing
– Heartplace Hills
– Knolls North
– Knolls South
– Fairwood Villas
– Great Oaks Sub
– Oakbrook East Condos
– Oakbrook West Condos
– Northhill
– Owners of shopping mall to west and east of Roch. Rd.
– North Hill Gardens
– Knapps Farms
– Rochester Heights

Would appreciate your response to this oversight immediately.


Don’t Drill The Hills



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